How Do You Manage Your Employees And Monetary Claims?

How do you manage your employees and monetary claims?

Many of AMIs customers utilise the Nexis platform to save time and money when checking timesheets, expense claims, hours worked by sub contractors and remote work force overtime claims.

The Nexis system is utilised by many departments within a company for example;

  • Finance Directors
  • Fleet Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Accounts Staff & HR

Our Nexis system helps every aspect of your business;

Once fitted our Nexis solution can immediately generate reports which will give you key information including; Asset usage, key KPI reporting including fleet utilisation, daily and weekly fleet summary and individual usage including GPS speed data and much more. All AMI Nexis reports can be scheduled at the click of a button to auto generate and be delivered to a specific users e-mail address at a time to suit you, most AMI Nexis users schedule key KPI reports to reach the required contact at 8am every Monday morning enabling key planning and preparation for the coming week.

The Nexis system also allows you to generate these reports on mobile devices, giving the user key management data when required with ease. Generating these reports can help a business make sure everyone is adhering to the tasks assigned to them, especially useful when checking overtime and hours worked claims from sub contract and remote workers. Nexis also helps monitor and view usage from your mobile sales fleet helping to create a trusting relationship between the employee and employer. This can greatly help determine and validate expense claims and fuel usage, avoiding fuel waste and fraudulent claims being authorised by HR or the authorising manager.

Key benefits of Nexis include accurately tracking the GPS speed of an asset whilst in motion, including max speed reached per trip and also the overall average speed per journey. This helps companies comply with key health and safety legislation and help educate drivers on the importance of speed and road safety, also helping key company directors comply with fiduciary duty. The Nexis solution with also help so identify drivers who persistently idle vehicles and waste fuel, this can include the excessive idling of a vehicle to use the heating / air-conditioning heavily wasting fuel and increasing the fleets CO2 emissions. Key improvements and monitoring of idling are now becoming key targets in the FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) accreditation process, and AMI are helping fleet operators clearly demonstrate the monitoring and improvement of fleet idling and efficiency across the UK.