Goboony and Moving Intelligence have joined forces to make holiday rentals more secure!

Goboony and Moving Intelligence have joined forces to prioritise security for leisure vehicle owners. Why let your motorhome or caravan sit idle in your driveway when you can earn extra income by sharing it on Goboony's leading platform for motorhome sharing? With a vast selection of over 2800 motorhomes ranging from compact conversions to family-friendly options, Goboony caters to all kinds of adventure seekers. Motorhome owners can rest easy knowing that Goboony's insurance for hire ensures a safe and stress-free rental experience for both owners and renters.

Moving Intelligence (formerly known as Phantom Ltd and Ami) has been providing security to motorhome and camper owners for the last two decades. As a member of the Moving Intelligence Group, the company offers comprehensive protection and monitoring services for all kinds of movable assets, such as cars, scooters, containers, boats, trailers, and work equipment. Whether you have one vehicle or a global fleet, Moving Intelligence's goal is to provide top-notch security at a competitive price.

Whether your vehicle is on the move or parked in your driveway, we are here to ensure its safety.

Check out https://www.goboony.co.uk/ to rent to hire a motorhome or camper.