Getting More From Your Fleet

If you have a large fleet of commercial vehicles, did you know that you can use fleet management systems to help reduce costs and fuel consumption, increase productivity, manage legislative compliance and reduce your carbon footprint?

There are daily installations of our AMI VT1200 GPS fleet management system to allow public sector organisations and commercial companies to have visibility and control over their commercial vehicle fleets.

The VT1200 system can be used for a multitude of purposes – whether it be to monitor the actual whereabouts of vehicles in real-time, or to help identify incidents of poor driving. With a full reporting suite of information available, users can access GPS positional information, monitor speed, optimise routes, immobilise equipment remotely and set up virtual geofence boundaries. Speeding incidents can be quickly identified and road safety messages effectively communicated. The VT1200 is enabling organisations across the UK to minimise fleet risks whilst reducing associated insurance costs.

With access to a great deal of information via the AMI Nexis web-based portal about the status of assets plus historical vehicle data, you can monitor operational performance and ultimately enhance productivity. There have even been instances where AMI customers have been able to reduce costs by as much as 35%, all for just a small investment.