Why Get A Dash Camera

Dash cameras are a fantastic, budget-friendly safety feature for fleets, and they come with numerous benefits across the board. For both fleet owners and drivers, they can provide peace of mind in the event of an accident, partly because the footage could be used to protect the companies assets if the accident was not their fault. But what other benefits do dash cameras come with? Well, lets take a look. 
Protection against Scams 
You may have heard of the notorious crash for cash scams, which involve someone purposely crashing into you and, more than likely, filing a case against you for money. In-car camera systems are particularly useful in these situations, thanks to the quality of the footage and the actual recording captured. This footage can be used to protect the company in scams such as these. For this issue, in particular, we have cameras designed to protect your company at all costs. In addition to scams, these systems can help in the event of theft too. 
Monitoring Driver Safety 
For fleet owners, in particular, these cameras can be used to monitor driver safety, as well as the bad habits they may have picked up along the way. On the road, especially for fleets, safety is of paramount importance, and there is no room for careless driving. Fleet camera systems can help owners to determine safe drivers, allowing them to address any potential risks or issues with those who may exhibit signs of reckless driving, as recorded by the dash camera. 
On top of the points mentioned above, these cameras are also highly versatile and available in a range of models, to suit your exact needs. We here at Phantom have a wide range of camera systems and sensors available to choose from, meaning you can tailor your fleet systems to meet your requirements, and ensure full peace of mind at all times. These are just a few benefits of fleet camera systems. If you’re interested in investing in one or more of the systems available here at https://phantom.uk.net/business to protect your fleet, please enquire today by calling us on 0161 476 4050. Alternatively, see the rest of our blog for more up-to-date news and information regarding fleets and other services.