Generator recovered!

On 6th April 2018, a client contacted AMI Group and reported the theft of a Generator. We promptly dispatched a finder team to locate and recover the asset; they arrived on site at 12.00pm and started to search the area for the units RF Beacon.

The finder followed the RF signal, which led them to a residential address with a van parked on the drive. At this point we contacted the Police to request their attendance, so that the team could gain access to the van. The rear door of the van was locked and could not be opened, so using a camera and torch the finder was able to take a picture through a small gap and confirm the presence of the stolen generator.

Attending officers then decided to wait for the owner to return home with the keys to gain entry to the rear of the van. A previous Police search could not locate the generator however AMI’s finder searched the van and located an RF signal coming from beneath an integrated double bed to the rear of the van; finally tracking down the Asset!

Our finder team were requested to give a full statement and explain how the finder located the generator to help with a possible prosecution. The finder team were happy to assist in any way possible. AMI Group pride ourselves on our fantastic working relationship with Police forces across the Country.

Our AT5’s unique digitally encoded R/F signal is a feature that sets us apart from our competitors. Thieves receive no indication that an asset is being traced; this allows us to carry out many successful recovery operations that otherwise could have been hindered by using a regular R/F frequency. Furthermore; R/F signals can be received through walls/metal with no disruption, allowing for tracking in areas that GPS locating may be hindered.