Fleet Tracking Systems

What is Fleet Tracking?

Our fleet tracking system uses state of the art and globally approved GPS and GSM to identify the location of your assets/asset within a couple of meters. You can find this location via our APP or the Web Portal and you have access to daily, weekly and monthly reports on your driver behaviour, this can then be exported for your own use.

What is Fleet Behaviour?

Fleet behaviour is a collection of data that is stored from the moment the tracking device is installed and can provide you with various reports, graphs, and exports if you have an active subscription. This data can be looked at and finds which driver has the best driver behaviour score. This can also tell you how much mileage your vehicle has done in the last week or month and can also be simply used to replay one journey several journeys.

No matter what industry your business may be, be it sales, service, or haulage distribution there are always difficulties which seem to hinder you. This platform overcomes this and gives you real time data to help run a business more efficiently.  We have flexible purchase and rental packages available and can also offer bespoke systems to meet your requirements.

For more information and to enquire further about our Fleet Tracking Systems or any of our other products which we offer here at Phantom, please give us a call on 0161 219 4299 and one of our team will be more than happy to assist you.