Fleet Tracking For Small Businesses

Fleet tracking plays host to a whole range of advantages that can benefit even the smallest business.

There are two principal types of fleet tracking, active and passive. A passive tracking system will record the drivers route times and total mileage of every journey. This data is then transferred to a software programme. 
A key benefit of a passive fleet tracking system is that the information you extract from each of your vehicles will give you a good understanding of how each of your vehicles are being used. Not only this, it will also help you to identify alternative routes that are quicker than the drivers initial route which will positively impact on your companys customer service. 
 An active tracking system relies solely on GPS technology to provide you with real time information regarding where each of your vehicles is at any given moment. This will help to monitor the productivity of each driver and to identify any anomalies in a drivers speed or stop patterns from which you can decide whether or not it is a result of misconduct on the drivers behalf. Furthermore, you can collate all of the data that is recorded in the same way that you can with a passive fleet tracking system in order to gain a full understanding of how your vehicles are being used on the road and how you, as a company, can improve on this. 
 If your company only has a small number of motors in its fleet, you can still benefit from the advantages that fleet tracking has to offer. In addition, by having a small company you can use the tracking systems to help expand and develop your company to match up to fellow competitors on the market. By tracking your vehicles progress it will help you as a company to cut costs and yield profits that previously were spent on excess fuel spent on wrong turns, speeding and excessive idling. 
 At Phantom, we understand the importance of maintaining good customer service and saving on those costly expenses. We offer you a long-term solution that will assist you in encouraging growth within the company so enquire about fleet tracking solutions today.