Fleet Technology in 2015

Like every year, many businesses are determined to make this year, the year of success, and luckily for them, there are many technologies that can help fleets in their daily operations. This isn't to forget assisting fleet owners in their day-to-day tasks, as well as streamlining the entire process. For some, the vision of smooth-sailing seems too far out of reach, but rest assured that the evolution of fleet-friendly technology can help. But why should 2015 be the year of success? Why not 2016? Well, today, fleets are in high demand, with most, if not all, large corporations and some smaller companies utilising these services. This puts pressure on fleet owners to ensure an efficient acquisition process is in place, as well as prioritising retention in all cases. So, now we've taken a look at why 2015 is your year to shine as a fleet company, let's see how technology can help you achieve and beat your goals, all the while remaining efficient and reliable. 
Business Relationships in Retention 
Retention is so important when it comes to running a business. Although acquisition is important for growth, retention will help your business to flourish, whilst ensuring you remain a recommended and trusted brand. One of the best ways to uphold your star retention rate is to foster business relationships in every aspect of the business. And fleet technology can help you do just that. Fleet tracking systems have come a long way and today, they are heavily relied on by fleet companies of all sizes. Not only do they enable owners to monitor everything from routes to breaks, but they also promote communication across the board. For example, if a driver is stuck in traffic, the system can notify the owner of the vehicle's current whereabouts and allow them to get in touch with the intended destination, with an accurate reading. This will help you to manage your client database with ease, whilst providing them with the best possible service by ensuring reliability and efficiency. 
Accidents As a company owner, you will want to protect your fleet at all costs, and this means in the event of an accident too. Technology like in-car camera systems will help if an accident does occur, as they will provide an accurate recording of the incident. This would enable you to compile a solid case if the accident wasn't your fault, and protect your assets. They will also come in handy in the event of scams that involve your vehicle and drivers. These are just two examples of fleet technology that will help you to shine in 2015, as well as protect your company at all costs, both of which are offered by us here at Phantom.