Fleet Advice for Start-Ups

November the 15th was officially Entrepreneur Day celebrating the innovation, drive and business acumen that start-up businesses bring to the market. Of course, not all businesses stay as small to medium enterprises, many make it to the big time: as industry experts, household names and dizzy new heights of success.

We celebrate entrepreneurs for taking risks, using their initiative when they see a gap in the market and re-marketing existing services to provide something bigger and better than their competitors. A lot of time and energy goes into starting a new business, countless hours spent behind closed doors building the companies that keep the market going.


As well as this, entrepreneurs allow the opportunity to flourish for local talent, offering jobs in countless different roles as needed to grow their business.

Now, when it comes to start-ups in the haulage and transport industries, we have but one piece of advice for you: fleet tracking. If you need to rely on a fleet, how can you manage this without real-time communication? Do you have a plan to suit your business needs? We can help.


Here at Phantom, we have put together some top tips for start-ups looking to make their way in the world.


The specifications and options of the fleet vehicles

When setting up a business that requires a fleet, the first and foremost thing you need to do is consider how these vehicles will be used. If your vehicles need monitoring and you need to track expenses, then fleet tracking could be the saviour you need. As well as allowing real-time tracking, you can monitor driving habits and behaviour and plan and schedule routes ahead of time.


The plan

Your business plan will highlight every aspect of your working model that you wish to be benchmarked on. Tracking systems can help you monitor and review how your business operates from one central hub getting you off to a great start!



All start-up businesses require financing. This is especially important if you are in need of a fleet of cars of lorries. It might be that you only start with a handful and build your way up as profits increase, but even this small amount of vehicles need to be paid for, insured and maintained.

Anything that can help you assess and evaluate your business as it grows will help you make that dream come true.



Finally and most importantly you need to consider who your customers are and what they expect from you - courteous, polite, and on time Your business is nothing without your customers, so this side of your customer service needs to be exemplary.


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