Five Undeniable Benefits of a Fleet Tracking System

Very rarely does a product come along that completely revolutionises the way people conduct business or go about their daily lives. The iPhone is a very popular example of such a product. It has completely revolutionised the way people communicate today. The internet is another example; an innovative piece of technology that has completely transformed our lives and with it, countless industries. Here at Phantom we know that similar innovations exist in the business arena as well. Case in point, fleet management software, specifically designed for businesses that own and operate large-scale or small-scale fleets. To explain it in the simplest of terms, think of it as having an eagle eye view of your entire fleet with a plethora of options at your disposal. The benefits of fleet management software are so invaluable that no company that relies on its fleets day to day operations should be without it. Todays post will focus on some undeniable benefits of a competent fleet tracking system. 
Monitor Work, Travel and Personal Travel 
The GPS installed in the fleet provides invaluable information about the vehicle and the nature of its journey. It lets fleet managers know exactly what a driver is up to when they are behind the wheel. From the specific location of the vehicle at any given time, to the route taken and the number of stops made, fleet managers can oversee every detail of the journey and make recommendations. They can also take action accordingly to optimize fleet performance, all at the touch of a few buttons. This information is essential in enabling managers to maximise company-wide profitability. 
Speed is an important factor when it comes to fleet management. The speed of the vehicle during the journey is a vital factor in determining a drivers performance and their expertise in handling the vehicle. Going too slow is counter-productive whereas going too fast could be breaking the law and putting lives and invaluable merchandise at risk. The tracking system installed in the vehicle monitors and records the speed, keeping drivers in check when it comes to following safe driving protocol. You can also view when and where the vehicle has stopped and for how long. Similar information is put together for the driver as well. This includes information such as how many hours they have logged during the week on any vehicle they have used, their start and finish times and any overtime hours that have been logged. Read here for the best the industry has to offer in van and truck tracking systems now! 
Stolen Vehicle Recovery 
One of the most sought after benefits of good fleet tracking systems is stolen vehicle recovery. Since the vehicle is constantly monitored day and night, it is flagged the second there are indications that it has been stolen. The system can determine this in many different ways. For example, either by the push of a panic button from the driver or an abrupt change in route. The system will notify you automatically by e-mail or text if a vehicle is being moved out of hours. The vehicle will also emit a signal that will allow you to track its exact location and recover it promptly. A fleet tracking system from Phantom has costs associated with its purchase and installation but the investment is worth every penny, as it pays for itself month after month, year after year. The benefits of owning such technology are countless. If you are a fleet owner and are having issues managing your fleet, consider fleet tracking systems. They will streamline your business processes to ensure the company runs smoother than ever.