Fire risks to your caravan or motorhome

Approximately 9 people are killed by fires in caravans or motorhomes every year. The materials that are used in their manufacture enable fires to spread very quickly once they start, so it makes sense to do everything possible to prevent them starting in the first place. Probably, the most common cause of fire in a caravan or motorhome is a faulty appliance. It does not matter whether this is gas or electric powered, it should be serviced regularly and certainly in line with the manufacturers recommendations. Also, bear in mind it is not just the obvious appliances like a fire or a cooker that can start a fire. Ones like a fridge or even those items you have brought into the vehicle are also potential fire starters. 
 Prevention is better than cure All caravans or motorhomes should be fitted with at least one smoke alarm, and where you have more than one room it makes sense to add more. These should always be fitted horizontally (I.e. on the roof and not the wall) and facing downwards. Make sure you regularly check the device and keep a stock of spare batteries in your vehicle in case you discover the ones in the device are flat. As well as prevention you also need equipment to fight a fire if the worst does happen. Both a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket are a necessity. 
Be aware that there are different types of extinguisher for different types of fires Wood/paper, liquids and electrical equipment. So, to ensure you are covered for all 3 categories (and to save space) it makes sense to by an extinguisher that covers all 3 categories classed as A, B and C. Fire extinguishers have a limited shelf life, so check the expiry date and make sure you replace them in time. Fortunately, fire blankets don't so can be kept indefinitely. If you are unfortunate to be caught out with a fire in your vehicle, the important thing is to get everyone out and away from the immediate vicinity straight away, then call the fire brigade.