Features & Benefits Of Our Innovative Unit

Our award winning VT unit provides many features to further benefit your business;

Reporting – AMI offer a in house developed platform which allows for reports to be generated no the spot offering  information on an asset for example; when and how long the asset has been used for (Machine utilisation), where it has been (Location History) and how fast it has been travelling (allowing for over speed alerts to be set up). You can also view the location of all your assets on a map view which allows for quick location of all your assets. Reports can also be scheduled and sent at a specific time for example at 9am each morning. Our system also allows you to generate these reports on mobile devices, meaning you can keep track of when and where your assets are being used whilst on the go and with great ease.

Simple 3 / 4 wire install – Our VT systems only require a simple 3 or 4 wire installation process, meaning minimal effect on the downtime time of an asset.

Update times – Our VT units feedback the location of the asset every couple of minutes, useful if you concerned with where your assets are throughout the day or to track machine utilisation. If the worst was to happen and the asset be stolen we can remotely change the update time so the VT unit will feedback as regularly as possible, this would allow us to get a very accurate location of the asset to aid recovery.  The unit will also wake up and send an update to our systems as soon as the ignition is switched on.

Tracking technologies – Unlike most wired in trackers we use multiple technologies when tracking assets. We use GPS and GSM to help track the asset, whereas most trackers only rely on GPS.

Success rate – We have an industry leading success rate in retrieving stolen assets.

Speed tracking – One benefit of our VT system is that is can accurately track what speed an asset is moving and where along the journey it was performing that speed. This can be very beneficial as if you have workers travelling the UK or Europe and you notice them going over the speed limit you can have the discussion before any fines can be issued. The benefit of being able to see it on the map is that if an asset is travelling 70mph then you would guess it’s on the motorway but if you can see that is on a normal street road you can address this and cover your duty of care as an employer.

Immobilisation – The unit can be utilised as an immobiliser on any asset, utilised in many ways including; timed, remote and Driver I.D.

Timed immobilisation allows for a schedule to be set and the machine/ asset to be immobilised between set times / days throughout the year, this is especially helpful for those companies who have set working hours and may leave assets unattended at night.

Remote immobilisation allows for an asset to be shut down via a command on the Nexis system, utilised in instances of non-payment or in the event of a theft.

Driver identification – We can install a feature on your asset where the only way to start the ignition can be using a dallas key as a second key. This helps to identify the driver and also eliminates unauthorised driving/ machine usage. Driver I.D immobilisation aids in restricting non-authorised usage as it immobilises an asset if the correct key is not present.