Fantastic Finder Network!

What is a finder network?

They are the team that will set out personally to retrieve your stolen assets if you are unable to do so yourself; this may be due to weak GPS signal (the team can use GSM and R/F to receive a location from a unit) or if the location is potentially hazardous due to the surroundings or potential altercations.

AMI Group’s Team: What makes us special?

  • Our Finder Network is spread across the Country and is staffed by ex-police force and product specialists with over 20 years experience. Most tracking companies only offer either police assistance or a single man unit for recoveries- not ideal if they are on a call across the Country and your vehicle is missing!
  • On call 24/7- no 9-5 call centre response; we understand that our customers want an experienced and knowledgeable staff member on the other end of the phone should the worst happen and they become a victim of theft.
  • We take the risk from our customers and their employees- criminals can of course become confrontational during asset recovery. Our finder network will work alongside the police where necessary to retrieve your assets- therefore it doesn’t jeopardise company health and safety policies as no staff are endangered.

Recent recoveries;

  • On 6th April 2018- a client reported the theft of a Generator f.n 28. Upon request, a finder was dispatched to locate the asset; the asset was tracked down using an R/F frequency.
  • 5th April 2018- our team used GPS locating technologies to locate an Audi A1 that had been stolen whilst a client was on holiday.
  • 6th March 2018- we assisted the police in recovering a Jaguar type 7, our finder network was not required in this case- our headquarters corresponded with the police to give up to date GPS locations.
  • 19th February 2018- a Range Rover was located at a residential address in Allerton, Bradford. The vehicle was recovered with the assistance of the police and our headquarters input.