Evolution of Car Safety Features

Since the very first cars were introduced on the roads, man has been able to travel from A to B; not just in style, but with convenience, ease and luxury. Journey time has dramatically reduced, and the popularity of the motor car gripped the world in a way that nobody could have predicted.
These days, we rely on in-car camera systems, sensors, power steering, central locking and electric windows to keep us safe, make driving easier and safer for all involved. Cars haven't always been this way, though. In fact, some of the features that we take for granted in our vehicles today didn't even exist just a few decades ago.
Here at Phantom, we believe that your safety is paramount, and should always be your top priority. With our range of in-car camera systems designed around your needs, your driving experience will never be the same again.
Looking Back
Join us as we take a look back through some of the most significant developments in car safety over the years.
  • 1898 Electric headlamps were introduced
  • 1903 - Windscreen wipers were introduced
  • 1921 Headrests were designed to reduce the severity of any whiplash incurred in accidents
  • 1927 Laminated windscreens were brought in to reduce the risk of injury to drivers in the case of an accident
  • 1959 The three-point seat belt was introduced by Volvo
  • 1985 Onboard cameras were first used in racing cars, were soon adopted by police forces, and then swiftly followed by public transport, too
  • 1978 - Anti-lock Braking Systems were introduced by Mercedes; allowing drivers to retain and regain control of their vehicle, should the car skid
  • 1993 Independent crash tests were introduced to enable consumers to understand how safe a car is to drive
  • 2000 As In-car camera systems were introduced across Europe and the rest of the world, to allow for accountability and evidence in case of accidents
  • 2011 Pedestrian detection, consisting of radars and cameras were implemented to allow drivers to see any obstacles in their path while manoeuvring  
Safety Today
As you can see, in-car camera systems have been present in the automotive industry for quite some time. However, they are still a fairly new and upcoming technology for many regular drivers and businesses.
Not only do they give peace of mind that your staff are safe and well, but it also helps in monitoring driver behaviour. Your insurance premiums may also improve, based on the use of an in-car camera system.
For more information on our range of dash cams and cameras, please browse our website today. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch for a chat about how we can help your business move further ahead.