An Entire Fleet At Your Fingertips

Phantom truck tracking systems are being acquired by more and more companies with fleets of vehicles. These systems give companies an eagle eye view of every vehicle in their fleet. This means they are aware of each trucks activities as well as how much mileage each vehicle covers, which routes are taken and so on. 
Truck Tracking Systems Are Real Time 
Truck tracking systems work in real time, allowing management or the control room to locate any truck in the fleet, at any given moment. Truck tracking systems have a wide range of coverage, and as long as the vehicle does not cross the coverage area of the tracking device, the control room can keep monitoring the truck. 
  Truck Tracking Systems Keep You Informed

  1. Truck tracking systems tell you where employees have been, which will help you analyse the performance of individual truck drivers and the fleet as a whole.
  2. Fleet tracking systems will tell you what time each driver was at a particular location. This will help teams keep to their schedule and identify the best routes or useful patterns.
  3. Fleet tracking systems also allow management to see how long a driver was at a location, something that will come in handy should a client complain about late delivery or missed deliveries. 
The Mapping System Locates Trucks within Seconds 
 The mapping system of a fleet tracking device allows the control room to locate any vehicle in the fleet, with extreme ease. This feature is particularly useful when it comes to pinpointing individuals within the fleet. What's more is that the screen will display a complete report for each truck, providing its exact location, the routes it has taken and its time log. 
 The tracking device can also be set up in such a way that when a truck reaches a certain distance within a particular time limit, the information is recorded. This information then provides the control room with an accurate idea of how much time a driver needs to cover a certain distance. This feature prevents fuel wastage, fuel theft and any other unwanted activities that would go unnoticed in the absence of a tracking device. Truck tracking devices also give drivers peace of mind because they make it easier to recover a vehicle in the event it is stolen. By having an eagle eye view of your trucks, you can ensure vehicles use the right routes, work efficiently and reach their destinations on time and safely.