ECU Remapping and A Fuel Efficient Measure for Fleets

Fuel consumption is a vital statistic to take into consideration when analysing the productivity and efficiency of any given fleet, large or small. Depending on the size of a fleet and the distance it must travel daily to meet its day to day requirements, this number can be substantially high. It is one cost that virtually all fleet owners take into account. However, they are always on the lookout for better options and it just so happens, there is a technology out there that enables fleets to optimise their fuel usage and save money. And the best part is that it does so without putting any question marks on productivity and fleet efficiency. 
ECU Remapping 
Truck ECU remapping is all about the engine. The majority of engines are never pushed in such a way that they work to their full potential. Manufacturers have to scale back on maximum output due to various factors such as vehicle emissions, fuel quality and weather conditions in the region. This is one of the reasons we see so many power output variations of the same engine on the market. These engines are tweaked using software to offer power output that is closer to the engines maximum output. This process of tweaking an engine to reach peak performance is called ECU Remapping. 
Why Use ECU Remapping 
Some fleet managers prioritise fleet performance above everything else. ECU Remapping is one process that pays for itself over time. This technology allows fleet managers to squeeze every ounce of power out of their engines. This keeps the fleet operating at optimal levels and not within the specified limits, which can be general and apply to practically any type of fleet. Remapping will result in a noticeable increase in various features. Naturally, one of the biggest boosts will come in terms of power where fleet managers can expect to see an increase of anywhere between 10 to 30 per cent, allowing them to tow or carry heavy loads. Drivers who operate these trucks and vans will notice the vehicle has more torque to offer. The biggest benefit in terms of efficiency, however, will come in fuel consumption. Despite the power boost, engines will consume 10 per cent less fuel per fleet vehicle which can add up to a substantial amount of savings every month for companies. This is money that can be invested in other ventures such as fleet maintenance or optimisation. 
Why Choose Phantom 
Nearly all engine manufacturers offer ECU Remapping services. However, there is a catch; they can be expensive. This is where Phantom comes in. We provide ECU Remapping for our clients and customers through a remapping service called the Quantum Remap. With it, all engine parameters are increased within safe limits which will give your vehicles a boost in power and a reduction in fuel consumption. Improved fuel consumption will prove to be even more useful for fleets in 2015. Reduce your fuel costs, increase your fleet productivity and get an ECU Remapping service done on your fleet.