Don't get caught out by the latest insurance scam

Don't get caught out by the latest insurance scam Recent figures released by the insurer Aviva point to a worrying increase in a new criminal scam. In 2013 Aviva had identified fraud worth more than 110 million pound, an increase of 10% over the previous year. A growing proportion of these fraudulent claims are the so-called slam on scam. This is where the driver in front of you slams on their brakes for no real reason, causing you to crash into them. As a collision like this is always presumed to be the fault of the driver behind it is very difficult prove that you were not to blame. Avoid the slam-on scam Fortunately, there is a recommended way to avoid this install an in-car camera. With a forward facing in-car camera installed, you will have the proof you need to demonstrate your innocence to the insurance company and so protect your no claims bonus. The camera is attached to your vehicles windscreen and then a cable is connected to your 12v accessory socket. The cable can either be run round the vehicle with the provided clips or it can be professionally installed. This will hide all the cables and be hardwired into a power supply to free up your 12v accessory socket. You can also have a second camera added to the system which will monitor the inside of the vehicle or even behind it. Once powered up, as well as storing a continuous stream of high quality video to its removable SD card, the cameras will also capture other data such as:
  • Sound
  • Time & date
  • Location (accurate to 5m)
  • Speed
  • 3D G sensor to detect G force, impact, acceleration and braking
The captured video can then be reviewed on your own computer with the provided software. Phantom offer a full range of in-car/in-cab cameras, all of which we can professionally install.