Customer Recoveries Thanks to AMI Solutions

AMI Group has seen an increase in customers choosing to carry out their own recoveries following an asset being stolen. Utilising the AMI Nexis web-based portal or AMI Nexis app to establish the exact GPS position of the asset in real-time, the customer can act quickly and often recover a machine within the hour.

Below are a few recoveries which customers have carried out recently

  1. AMI Customer type – Plant Hire Company.
    AMI Solution Utilised – Asset+
    A Manitou Telehandler which was stolen from a housing development in the middle of the night following a break-in to the site. The Telehandler had an Asset+ installed which utilised both a wired-in and battery-operated device. The VT unit gave the AMI customer a live GPS position which they were able to act upon. The Telehandler along with building materials were stolen and later recovered from a nearby lockup in the Walkden, Manchester area.
  1. AMI Customer type – Civil Engineering Company.
    AMI Solution Utilised – AT3 Unit
    A KX008 excavator was stolen late in the evening, the following morning when the AMI customer returned to their site, they noticed the machine was missing. The AT3 was put into alarm state and a GPS position was obtained just a few miles away from where the machine was stolen from. The customer acted upon this and attended site, swiftly recovering the machine which was then back on-site working the same day.
  1. AMI Customer type – Utilises Company.
    AMI Solution Utilised – AT5 Unit
    Our customer had a big problem with small equipment being stolen off-site. Following the installation of our AT5 units, the customer was able to locate the most recent stolen generator via GPS and recover it within only a few hours of recognising the theft had taken place. The generator was recovered from a home in Pepperstock, Luton following multiple positive GPS pin-point locations identifying the home.
  1. AMI Customer type – Plant Hire Company.
    AMI Solution Utilised – AT5 (Covertly Installed)
    A BW100 Roller was stolen from a Hire companies’ customer whilst carrying out road maintenance work. The Roller was secured at night and left by the side of the road along with other plant machinery. The machine was recovered after being located in the back of a van on a housing estate in Manchester.

AMI Group offers a range of award-winning devices including both; battery-operated after theft recovery solutions and wired-in asset management solutions. When a customer speaks with AMI Group their asset type and requirements are discussed in-depth to ensure the company is provided with the solution which best suits them. Each solution is tailored around the requirements and day to day running’s of a business with alerts set up and immobilisation utilised. Following customer discussion, Asset+ was launched to provide a full solution which ticks all boxes. Asset+ is a revolutionary hybrid solution which offers the ultimate in after theft protection, whilst providing you with total visibility and control over your assets in real-time. Whether you’re protecting construction plant, commercial vehicles or other valuable assets, you have complete peace of mind. With industry-leading battery life, Asset+ essentially combines two tracking systems in one, comprising of an AT solution (self-contained GPS/GSM battery-operated unit) combined with our VT solution (a wired-in GPS asset management system). Essentially offering double the theft protection with a range of immobilisation features and after theft recovery technology, whilst also providing a wealth of information such as; GPS positional information, utilisation history, journey history, hours used reports, out of hours usage, speed, the direction of travel and miles covered.

Many companies across the UK have been a victim to thefts with some experiencing theft at least once a week. AMI Group has been working tirelessly together with our customers to develop a solution range that best suits the needs of each of our customers. Ensuring we cover all bases from full asset management to after theft recovery. By utilising the very best award-winning technologies AMI Group ensure that you never lose signal and there is always a back-up technology in place. This aids in the safe recovery of stolen assets.