What would Companies Do Without Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking has seemingly revolutionised the motor and goods industry. Long gone are the days of the humble radio and dodgy GPS. The fleets of today are now tech Trojans of seamless design, far more capable than their powerless predecessors. Fleet managers now have the ability to cast an eagle eyed view over all their vehicles and drivers. This (as result) helps to ensure driver efficiency, time keeping and overall safety. These benefits usually materialise in the form of lower fuel consumption, higher customer satisfaction and greater profit - music to any managers ears. Tracking systems have undoubtedly become an integral part of almost all vehicle based goods companies around the globe - the haulage industry being a prime example. But could you imagine if fleet tracking hadn't been invented? What sort of state would these industries be in and what would be the resulting impact? This article looks at a world without fleet tracking systems and the dire consequences. 
Falling off Track 
If we take a step back around 20 or so years, the very idea of tracking systems in vehicles were but pipe dreams (or to many the stuff of Orwellian nightmares). Late deliveries, lazy drivers and lost Lorries were accepted as being the norm in the pre tracking system era. Customers would regularly be left twiddling their thumbs waiting for their goods to arrive not ideal! Company bosses were also left to sweat, not knowing where their vehicles were and whether drivers were arriving on time. This subsequently led to:
  • Confusion Amongst managers, drivers and their customers.
  • Customer Dissatisfaction At the lack of time keeping and broken promises.
  • Time Wasted Due to unforeseen circumstances, driver negligence or maybe a combination of the two.
  • Profit Lost Through excessive refuelling, unnecessary overtime and unauthorised vehicle usage.
  • Employer and Employee Relations Breakdown as a result. Bosses were regularly forced to make tough decisions over the workforce and pay.
These are but a handful of the issues companies had to contend with. That being said, was it all doom and gloom? Well largely yes, but a few people were convinced that the introduction of tracking systems, GPS’s and navigating gadgetry would bring about the era of Big Brother - were they right? 
Back on Track 
Either way the wheels on the lorry still go round and round. Streamlining systems like fleet trackers and GPSs have actually bolstered the industry as a whole; creating more jobs, a higher level of customer trust and satisfaction not to mention a safer environment for drivers too. Given the choice, fleet tracking progression or regression? I'm sure the vast majority of people (and businesses) would opt for progression. The sheer number of benefits tracking systems bring to the industry table (well dashboard) are seemingly insurmountable. 
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