Caravan and motorhome theft recovery the easy way with the Phantom Pro Active GPS Tracking System

Monday, 06, Oct 2014 05:09 by Joe Jeffrey CaravanTimes paid a visit to the Phantom HQ to find out just how easy it is to track stolen caravans and motorhomes with their Pro Active GPS Tracking System. Watch on to find out more If you're anything like us at CaravanTimes, you'd do absolutely anything to protect your caravan or motorhome. But aside from sleep deprivation and never leaving the house in order to ensure it doesn't get stolen, there's not much else you can do in order to ensure it stays firmly put on the driveway. Or is there? That's where Phantom comes into play, with the company's electrical theft recovery system, the Phantom Pro Active Tracking System. Phantom, who have been producing tracking devices for caravans and motorhomes for over ten years aren't exactly new kids on the block and their wealth of experience within the caravan and motorhome market for tracking systems seems to show. Unlike other tracker systems, the Pro Active Tracking System is exactly that - pro active - ensuring Phantom does all the work so you don't have to. But to see how it all works and to check how easy it is, CaravanTimes went along to speak to Phantom and find out more. Click here  to watch the video