Calling all You Taxi Companies

Calling all You Taxi Companies



When you own your own business in this day and age, it is in your best interest to know where your employees are, what times they are working and most importantly; what they are doing.



Another important thing to remember is that whilst they are out on the road, they are the face of your brand and represent you, your business as a whole and your reputation.



So how would you know if one of your drivers is speeding, or if they are where they say they are? How are you able to keep a close eye on any overtime hours or if someone is late on the road? You never know until you know, right? Well, now you can know all that, and a whole lot more; thanks to Phantoms bespoke web-based Fleet Tracking system.



With fleet management tracking, you are able to monitor your teams behaviour and whereabouts, from wherever you are. With vehicle location monitoring, vehicle speed, punctuality and driver clocking on and off times; amongst many other things, you can ensure your fleet is being managed and observed according to your business needs. This in turn helps you keep costs down as a company whilst keeping control and a close eye on your employees.



Get the most out of your fleet with this system, bringing your business reduced costs, more efficient vehicles, vehicle theft tracking, mileage tracking and discounted insurance too!



Phantom is one of the leading GPS tracking system providers in the UK, with our own bespoke software adapted to suit the needs of you and your business. Features include customisable reports, geo-fencing and the option to integrate with your current organisation software. The fleet management tracking system is easily accessible from any web-enabled device; such as PCs, iPads, laptops and even iPhones.



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