Boost Staff Productivity

When it comes to managing staff from a distance, it is important to have an efficient method of communication with your staff and an effective way of monitoring productivity levels. Thanks to Phantom, one of the best ways of combining all of these is through our fleet vehicle tracking service.


Even when your team are office based, it can sometimes be hard to track what different people are working on due to differing schedules and job roles, and, sometimes there may also be a lack of time management. Feeling out of control with your workload can be chaotic and stressful, which can lead to lower levels of productivity. By adopting a fleet vehicle tracking service, many of these issues can be addressed because time management will be controlled centrally.


When devising schedules, it is important to consider the time of day your team are travelling, and the likelihood of traffic, to best allocate their time. One of the main features of our vehicle fleet tracking is the ability to track your vehicles in real-time. This allows you to pinpoint their location accurately, schedule any stops or re-routes as necessary, according to traffic news.


This service provides a very efficient way of managing overall costs when it comes to fuel and fleet behaviour. Keeping fuel cost down is a priority for many businesses who rely on travelling, and understanding where you can save money on any given day or route can sometimes be the difference between breaking even and making a profit.


So, how does this work? Our vehicle fleet tracking service monitors journeys made, how your staff drive and vehicle performance, allowing you to observe the use of company vehicles, speed checks and driver behaviour on the road. By using these functions, you can ensure that your staff are representing your business in a professional manner while also driving safely and efficiently.


In addition to the above benefits, our tracking service allows employers to offer employees support, as and when necessary, as well as giving timely feedback to benefit both parties.


Utilising this service allows a business to implement processes effectively, monitor both short and long-term goals, all the while maintaining high levels of productivity and security; ensuring your staff are happy and safe while fulfilling their roles.


In short, if you are looking for an efficient way to manage your staff, as well as monitoring their performance and safety while on the road, then incorporating a vehicle tracking service could well be the solution that you need.


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