Bike Tracking

Bike Tracking

Our Bike Track is a waterproof vehicle tracking system that is hidden on your bike. If your bike were to be stolen, it can be tracked via the ‘My Phantom’ app. The location of your bike will be updated each time the ignition is turned on or every 6 hours if your bike is stationary.

The bike tracking system offers you:

  • Access to the MyPhantom app and web portal, giving you important information about your bike at home and on the go.
  • GPS tracking whereby our system logs twice a day when your vehicle is moved.
  • UK and European roaming SIM meaning the system can switch from one network to another if the signal is stronger on one, to ensure your vehicle always stays secure.
  • Low power alerts, helping you to keep on top of your battery level. The tracker will send you a text and a notification to inform you when your vehicle is getting low on power.
  • Power cut alerts to inform you if your tracker has been disconnected from your vehicle battery.

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