Benefits Of Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking systems are used widely in business requiring long distance deliveries such as lorry driving and can be used for a number of reasons. Here are the top seven benefits to investing in a fleet tracking system for your vehicles:
  1. Decrease in fuel costs Installing tracking devices into vehicles enables companies to successfully monitor the fuel consumption of each vehicle accurately and hold the precise reading against the employees word. Also, by spending the time to set up your drivers routes and direct them to certain shortcuts you will be able to significantly reduce fuel and labour costs.
  2. Improved productivity As the drivers will be fully aware they are being monitored it will help prevent the vehicle being used for side jobs or personal use resulting in a reduction in fuel consumption. Furthermore, the manager can easily track the vehicles distance from a customer, this will improve your companies efficiency and avoid the dilemma of drivers making unauthorised and frequent stops, and whether or not they arrived on time for the delivery pick up/drop off.
  3. Safe Driving Fleet tracking systems can supervise the speed, heading and position of your drivers on the road which will encourage them to drive safely.
  4. Employee Performance - Due to the fact that managers can easily determine the fuel costs, speed and work hours of all of your vehicles it enables you to track employee performance according to their real work and overtime hours.
  5. Impact On Customer Satisfaction - By being able to accurately predict arrival times of all of your deliveries you can provide your customers with a reliable service which will greatly impact on your current customer recommendations and satisfaction as you will be building trust outside of your firm.
  6. Effective Theft Recovery Should any of your vehicles be stolen, it will be easy to locate the current position of your missing truck with a GPS fleet tracking system and recover the vehicle in a shorter period of time.
  7. Customer and Employee Accountability If you suspect that your customers have been purposely overbilled for their delivery or that your drivers are inflating their work and overtime hours, then the tracking system can help you verify both work hours and durations which will help to improve customer satisfaction.
For more information on fleet tracking systems or to inquire about installation in one of your vehicles, get in touch with Phantom today for a range of the best tracking systems on the market.