Not-so-Obvious Benefits of a Dash Cam

In-car camera systems, or dash cams - as they are more widely known, are one of the biggest growing trends for drivers in recent years. With high levels of use in other countries around the world, the UK is fast becoming hooked on the safety and security provided by having such a handy gadget on their journeys.


Perhaps you need to park in an unlikely part of town and want to feel that your car is left safe and secure? Or maybe you want to film your latest track day to witness the magic over and over? Whatever you need a dash cam for, let's take a look at how a little investment in the short term can return dividends in the long run.


  • You can record accidents and near misses

  • You can provide video evidence to both the Police and your insurers, if necessary

  • You can save money on insurance premiums when you prove that you are not to blame for an accident or incident

  • Video evidence can speed up insurance processes

  • Your No Claims bonus will be unaffected if you can prove you have done no wrong-doing

  • Dash cameras can even protect your car when you are parked or stationary by detecting sudden movement

Sound good? Before you rush out to buy a new dash cam with prices ranging from £50-200 per camera here at Phantom, we would like you to take a minute and think of the all the other benefits of an in car CCTV system, and not just the obvious ones.


  1. Cyclists and motorcyclists can attach to their helmets in case of disputes with drivers

  2. Can film your magical sing along with the kids

  3. Can take in the sunset and scenery that you missed while road-tripping across the country

  4. Record freak weather occurrences

  5. Document your witness to obscure events like meteors crashing to the ground!

If you run a business with a fleet of drivers or employees with company cars and feel you would benefit from a little extra peace of mind, then look no further. Phantom has some of the best dash cams on the market that are designed for business needs. Ensure all rules and driving stipulations are being adhered to, as well as protecting your business, should an accident happen.


For more information on our range of in car CCTV cameras and for any help and advice on how they work, installation and how it will affect your insurance, please contact Phantom today.