Be the Best Driver You Can Be

Most drivers tend to think they are the best of the rest while out driving on that open stretch, but are they really as safe as they think they are? Phantom shows you how to spot if you are a bad driver or if anyone else is, for that matter!


Rush Hour on the Hour, Every Hour

Are you always in a rush even though you have no idea why? You have all the time in the world but tend to have this habit of tailgating the car in front because people drive too slowly?

Yup, you got it; you are driving too fast.

The Guessing Game

One of the biggest causes of road rage is other drivers failing to use their signals properly.

What is the point in signalling when I am in the right turn only lane; I must be turning right, right? Wrong. Always remember to signal, there are pedestrians attempting to cross roads as well as the cars on the road. Always, always signal!


You are such a good driver that you can text, have a sip of your drink, speak to the kids, change the CD and drive all at the same time. Do NOT attempt to multi-task while driving, all it takes is one split second or an erratic movement, and you are putting others lives, as well as your own, in danger. Not to mention, it is also illegal to use your phone while driving

Proceed With Caution

On the other hand, you could be an extremely careful, slow moving driver so you feel safe in the knowledge that you wont cause any harm to yourself, the car or anyone else.  Behaviour like this on the road, especially the motorway, is also dangerous.

Did you know you could get pulled over for driving too far below the speed limit? Yes, there is such a thing as driving too slow.

It is Not Me; It is You

You have had a handful of accidents in the history of your driving, and miraculously, it always seemed to be the other drivers fault. Think back carefully, is there something you could have been doing to prevent it from happening? Such as driving a little slower, or signalling, perhaps?

Regardless of whether any or all of the above relates to you or not, the trouble is, it definitely relates to many drivers out there today. Ensure you capture those bad drivers and their poor behaviour with an in-car dash cam

Dash cameras are becoming increasingly popular as they provide recorded footage of your entire car journeys. So if you happen to be involved in an accident, and it really was not your fault (we believe you), you now have firm evidence of your innocence.

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