AUDI RS6 successfully recovered thanks to the Asset+

A customer had a scary encounter with car thieves when their Audi RS6 was stolen after carjackers impersonated the police to steal the car and a mobile phone.

The vehicle was protected with an Asset+ solution that gives the customer full asset management and after-theft recovery in one. The AT battery unit was not found on the car thanks to the compact size and scheduled reporting cycle (making the unit undetectable to scanners) it was covertly installed and it could not be located.

The GPS pinpoint position gained from the AT unit was given to the police and they recovered the vehicle from an industrial estate on the outskirts of Coventry.

Asset+ combines two tracking systems in one, comprising of an AT solution (self-contained battery-operated unit) combined with our VT solution (a wired-in GPS asset management system). Essentially offering double the theft protection with a range of immobilisation features and after-theft recovery technology, whilst also providing a wealth of information such as; GPS positional information, utilisation history, journey history, out-of-hours usage, speed, the direction of travel, and miles covered.

Car theft is an ever-increasing issue across many parts of the UK. AMI Group has seen significant demand for vehicle tracking in recent months and thanks to our Asset+ solution we provide complete peace of mind to our customers by ensuring their vehicle is covered with award-winning technology and multiple devices.

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