Asset+ Keypad – Triple Layer Protection

In 2020 AMI Group launched the Asset+ Keypad Solution. The UK’s unique very first and only triple-layer protection and combined asset management solution. That includes a waterproof and robust coded keypad together with a wired-in asset management solution and our very own award-winning AT battery-operated after theft recovery device. Asset+ Keypad addresses the complete range of business requirements encountered by busy operators and has proven to exceed all expectations within the industry.

Since its first installation, a vast amount of AMI customers have reported a significant reduction in theft due to locking down the asset through immobilisation and a visible keypad.

The state-of-the-art wired-in VT solution provides data to the Nexis platform and app enabling full visibility at the touch of a button. A range of reports displaying utilisation of assets during selected time frames and live tracking allows the customer to increase revenue in many areas. Additionally, the award-winning AT solution utilises a range of technologies alongside its scheduled reporting cycle to boast industry-leading recovery rates of over 98%.

AMI Group persistently listens to customer feedback and has adopted the keypad solution to fit any issues previously encountered. During the R&D stage feedback regarding issues encountered around the keypad design and usage was provided from customers having a wide variety of plant types, ranging from different manufacturers, and whether the keypad was installed internally or externally. The solution is designed to be a universal fit with IP rating and capable of being used on a variety of assets ranging from small compact rollers to large industrial excavators all utilising our universal format.

Key points of our system include but are not limited to:

  • Durable construction ideal for plant-based assets
  • Out of hours usage and battery disconnection alerts
  • Powerful GPS technology with live monitoring
  • Operating voltage 6v-30v
  • 4-digit combination code
  • Last user/operator identified in case of incidents
  • Scheduled position data to suit your needs