Another Successful Recovery Thanks To The AT4 Unit

A HAMM HD14 roller has been stolen and recovered thanks to the technology behind AMI’s AT4- Battery-operated solution. Upon arrival at the depot in Leicester, AMI’s customer quickly realised the roller had been stolen overnight. Fortunately, the asset had been fitted with a GPS battery-operated tracking unit.

Shortly after the theft had been reported to AMI, the after-theft recovery team tracked the machine from Enderby, Leicester to Caddington, Luton. The unit was placed into finder mode and a GPS position was obtained. The team along with the police began a search after the hidden GPS tracker began reporting in finder mode.

Only a few hours after the report, the stolen equipment was found on an industrial estate area in Caddington. An excavator, trailer, and a generator were also found at the scene and after further investigation from the police, it emerged that the equipment had been sold to another construction company not knowing the items were stolen.

Plant machinery is stolen primarily for re-sale due to the high rewards and low risks associated. Thieves utilise trucks, trailers, low loaders and containers to transport stolen plant.  If a machine is stolen without GPS tracking, there is a high risk that it will never reappear with less than 10% of plant machinery being recovered each year. Therefore, AMI Group are urging owners to increase tracking security so in the event of theft your asset can be recovered and returned back to you.

Designed for rough and rugged environments the AT4 is a small battery-powered device encapsulated in resin for ultimate protection. Nicknamed "The Rock" the AT4 can be fitted to a multitude of assets and be exposed to the harshest operations conditions. Battery technology within the AT4 unit is unbeatable over such a small footprint, with an extensive battery capacity and dimensions of just 65.5 x 45 x 24.5 mm, it is easy to see why so many companies already rely on the AT4 for after theft recovery.

In addition, the customer has now opted to install Asset+ Keypad to his machinery, triple-layer protection, exclusive to AMI Group. The keypad gives the first step in theft prevention. The Asset+ Keypad solution includes; wired in asset management, keypad immobilisation, and a battery-operated covert after theft recovery device, giving the user, the ultimate solution. A rugged waterproof keypad made specifically to withstand tough on-site conditions.

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