An Insight Into The VT Range – Full Asset Management At Your Fingertips

The VT product family are GPS based solutions designed for tracking and the provision of important management information for valuable assets, vehicle fleets and individual personnel. VT devices are wired directly into the assets to detect the assets activity and journeys ignition sense. The device collates assets activity and GPS data before sending the information via GPRS to our industry leading app and online software platform at set intervals (depending upon configuration).

The system collects data including; GPS positional information, Time & Date, Speed, Direction of Travel, and mileage covered plus a host of additional information, such as engine running hours, fuel usage, temperature monitoring, user identification and immobilisation via remote, schedule or driver I.D (subject to availability and additional hardware) with the ability to utilise 500 iButton keys for authorised driving.

Key features & benefits;

Range of immobilisation features – Set via schedule, remote or Driver I.D , lock down the machine for added security.
Geo-fence Technology – Become alerted if an asset moves outside of a designated area
Alerts via pus notifications, email or SMS- Stay in control of your assets with a range of alerts including; battery disconnection, ignition, speed and many more.
GPS Positioning – pin-point locations
Integrated battery back-up – If disconnected connection isn’t lost
GSM Module- Multi roaming sim to ensure communication strongest network
Servicing Manager- Stay in control of assets with our pro-active system
IOS and Android App- 24/7 Access to your assets from anywhere
GPS and GSM – The VT promotes the latest GPS positioning system which is accurate to within 1 metre.

AMI GPRS & Multi Network Coverage – AMI solutions utilise a private APN system which detects the strongest network signal available and sends its data using the best available network. This ensures optima coverage and helps to eliminate black spots and loss of coverage.

Servicing manager- AMI Nexis displays each assets current running hours and updates the customer interface in real time. The servicing manager screen will also notify you when an asset is approaching a service giving you key viability & maintenance schedules to keep fully manage your assets ensuring full utilisation at all times.

AMI VT offers you- Complete visibility of your assets regardless of size visible 24/7 via any IOS / android device or any web based browser. This includes up to date positional information and usage data which is clearly displayed on our state of the art tracking platform.

Additional Features include – IP67 Rated, Large flash memory (16MB) to store up to 120 days in case of lost connection when roaming, Over speeding to secure driver and prevent penalties, integrated back-up battery and FOTA (firmware updating via GPS – sent remotely to units in the field).