An Insight Into The AT5 – Small Battery Operated Tracker

The Asset Track unit is a self-contained GSP/GSM/RF tracking device reporting to and visible via the AMI Nexis software platform. The unit is perfectly suited for tracking any type of asset powered or non-powered.

Compact: The AMI AT Range are designed to be covertly installed onto a wide variety of assets, this is why the AT range is small and compact whilst not compromising on our industry leading battery life.

IP68: The AT5 is enclosed in a high impact enclosure which is suitable for continuous immersion in water, this makes the AT5 robust and ideal for use in harsh environments. The enclosure is ultrasonically sealed during manufacture to ensure the best possible level of protection.

RF beacon: The AT range contain an inbuilt RF beacon which (in the event of a theft) can be activated to emit a radio signal which can be detected by a member of the AMI finder network. This is primarily used in instances when GPS is not available and in conjunction with AMIs cell site triangulation service.

GPS: The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based navigation system that provides positional information down the street level, this gives highly accurate location data for the asset which is then displayed on the AMI Nexis platform.

Cell site triangulation: AMI can position an assets location to its nearest call tower (phone mast). This is good for instances where GPS is not available (inside a container or brick building etc.) The map location is then positioned on the AMI Nexis server with an accuracy rating in metres.

Magnet Tamper: The AMI AT units have a state of the art tamper facility that will alert designed key emergency contacts in the event of an AT unit being removed from the asset. This feature is also used during the installation procedure.

GSM Network: All AMI Nexis solutions work on the AMI private cellular network which utilises the strongest mobile signal available, this includes inclusive EU roaming across all EU countries. AMI products are also quad band and will work worldwide (where a cellular network is available).

Battery: AMI have industry leading advanced battery management which enables the AT range to outlast our competitors. The AT5 has a battery life lasts in excess of 6,000 positions (depending upon configuration). This enables the AT range to be suitable for long term protection of assets, especially in remote locations.

Each Asset Track comes installed with AMIs own multi roaming SIM ensuring the Asset Track unit is always reporting on the strongest available Network, providing the best coverage throughout the UK and 27 inclusive European countries. AMI has a private APN Network enabling Nexis servers to interrogate major cellular networks to provide the Asset Tracks last known cellular position, this comprehensive information provides the current network being reported to, actual cell site and the strongest cell. This information enables accurate triangulation of the unit.