AMI – In Partnership with MCS!

AMI Group Ltd have entered an exciting new partnership with MCS- Rental software solutions!

MCS is a rental management software company that works closely with rental companies worldwide to help improve their efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. From making sure that hire equipment is always fully certified and fit for hire, to managing and tracking your assets to maximise utilisation.

This is where AMI Group’s  telematics device will be utilised! Customers of ourselves and MCS can utilise our integrated systems to ensure that they are achieving the greatest possible revenues. AMI customers have already reported a 20% profit increase thanks to our asset management systems.

Our unit is a wired in monitoring system, which allows full visibility through our Nexis portal. Each customer can request specialised features to be programmed to benefit their company specifically, along with the baseline platform that can track journeys, monitor engine usage and speed; as well as a variety of other features. Furthermore alerts and reports/reminders can be scheduled via Nexis to optimise business management, these include; servicing reminders, Geo fence detection, speeding violations and more.

The goal of the integration is to offer the best possible telematics solution to a wide range of industries. AMI Group is widely recognised as Industry Leading Innovators, our units have been credited by awards for the ‘Technology Innovators’ and accreditation from the HAE in the past. This makes us a clear choice for those looking for the most effective and advanced device.

Chris Clarke, Software Development Manager at MCS had this to say of our recent partnership; “We are really looking forward to combining forces with the AMI Group which shares similar values to ourselves. Hire companies using our joint solutions will be able to pinpoint the exact location of their assets, gaining real actionable insights and guidance to make the best decisions within their rental fleet.”

Our software teams have worked closely on creating a flawless experience for MCS customers and our existing client. They have gone as far as developing a new API to make information sharing easier between our systems. This will ensure that individuals can have faultless service at all times and optimise their Nexis portal experience to the best of its ability, with no system lag.

We look forward to developing and continuing in our partnership with MCS!