AMI Group – Week in review!

Last week:
Recoveries: We recovered an Audi and a Generator last week for two of our service users; by utilising our AT5’s GPS and R/F tracking capabilities. Having two recoveries in one week alone brings to the forefront how important it is to have your assets tracked. Unfortunately you never know when you will be victimised.
Charity: We are enthusiastic about charity work here at AMI Group, now we are in ‘Autism Awareness Month’ this week we’ve joined the ‘Silly Sock Day for Autism’ which will be held on the 27th April. We’re hoping to get local schools and business involved in fundraising too!
Features: Keep an eye out for the latest issues of the ‘CPA Bulletin’, ‘Construction Index magazine’ and ‘The Camping and Caravan magazine’. We are advertising within them. Definitely worth a read if you’re interested in the construction industry or looking to start a new hobby!
‘Audi owner: ‘After waking in the morning to an empty driveway I was far less panicked with the knowledge my car had the tracker fitted- I knew I could depend on AMI Group to find my car; and they did!’