AMI Group Ltd- Week in review!

Last week: 

News: Our Easter Raffle was a big hit! Run through our social media; we had many entries. One lucky winner won a selection of Easter eggs and of course the main prize, an AMI Group mug!
Awards: We have been commended by the ‘Technology Innovator Awards’ for our ‘Guardian +’ unit, which is a small device which can be utilised by lone workers and vulnerable people such as the elderly or children- it uses GPS tracking to pinpoint locations and can set off an SOS signal in emergencies. It also has vocal and audio communication capability.
Expansion: As AMI Group attracts new customers and develops exciting new products, we need a bigger team to We have hired new staff to join our existing marketing, sales and admin teams. Our new members are given in depth training on our devices and programs, so that they are ready to assist you!