AMI case study – Theft rates fall by 43% over 3 years


AMI Group offer a range of solutions to help customers secure their valuable working assets, in particular we have seen immense success with our award-winning market leading battery-operated solution which has seen over £24 million worth of assets recovered since its release in 2010. AMI Group’s constant Development program ensures the technology we provide is innovative and future proof. We boast a recovery rate of 100% on covertly installed units via AMI’s unique installation technique. The AT series utilise a range of technologies including: GPS, GSM and a digitally encoded RF signal to ensure the device can communicate with our system at all times and be located even when stored both indoors or within a container. By utilising a range of techniques, the AT series offers both pin-point accurate locations or can utilise GSM (Cell-site) positions if GPS becomes unavailable this is where other tracking systems usually fail. This process ensures accurate positioning via our multi-network sim cards that always connect to the network strongest within that area.


Our AT series boasts a market leading unrivalled battery capacity with the smallest footprint, this has enabled AMI Group to be awarded a series of technology accolades and awards year on year. These include ‘Best in After-theft recovery technology’ 3 years running and being highly commended as ‘Supplier of the Year’ within the HAE industry awards. The AT series is the go to solution leading the industry in many ways for its battery capacity, small dimensions and recovery rates. The solution is supported and visible via our in-house Nexis platform accessible via any web-enabled device and also our unique iOS and Android Apps.


Case Study – (Plant Hire Company North East)


“By utilising the AMI AT series on a range of plant hire assets ranging from small rollers up to larger items of plant we have seen our theft rates fall by 43% over 3 years. We have enjoyed a 100% recovery rate with the AMI product and also utilise the app to keep in control of the location of our assets.”

This company in particular had an extensive problem with theft losing over £200,000 worth of plant machinery over a previous 2-year period. They had utilised tracking previously from a different provider however found the system failed and theft was still on the increase. The company discussed their needs with AMI and installed the AT battery operated solution to their assets for the sole purpose of after theft recovery. The first theft came just 1 week after the solution was installed and AMI Group were called to action, recovering a BW120 within 2 hours of the machine being reported stolen hidden in a compound in Leeds. The thieves had started to strip the machine down however due to the unique covert installation process used by AMI alongside the scheduled reporting cycle of the AT they were unable to trace the unit on the machine. The company continue to utilise the AMI solutions, 3 years on and over 15 thefts later the customer is extremely happy with their investment commenting, “The AT5’s features far exceed that of others previously compared. We noticed the battery life was the best combined with pinpoint positioning and especially liked the idea of covert installations that AMI provided training to carry out ourselves. The support we have received to date has been outstanding with someone always at the end of the phone to help.”