AMI Asset+ Has Launched

The Complete Integrated Tracking Solution Offering Much More Than Theft Protection

Asset tracking specialist AMI Group has launched a revolutionary integrated tracking system which offers dual benefits of the ultimate in theft protection with a total fleet management solution.

Designed for the tracking and monitoring of a wide range of equipment including construction plant, agricultural machinery and commercial vehicle fleets, Asset+ essentially combines two tracking systems in one, comprising a self-contained, covertly installed GPS wireless system combined with a wired-in GPS fleet management system. With an industry-leading 20-year battery life, Asset+ can be used to rapidly track, trace and recover equipment in the unfortunate event of it being stolen, whilst providing a wealth of information about machine or vehicle usage and status.

Peter Stockton, AMI Group’s Operations Director said: “We are very excited to launch Asset+ as several of our customers were seeking the ultimate, covertly installed tracking system that could offer protection against theft whilst providing a facility to allow them control and visibility over their fleets of equipment. Asset+ offers a complete, integrated solution rather than just theft protection, with functionality such as telemetry to monitor machine usage and status, tracking its location and reporting unauthorised usage.

“It’s the most robust and empowering tracking system we’ve launched in our history and it can also be used to enhance Health and Safety, monitor operational performance and improve productivity. For instance, it can be used to identify incidents of poor driving and the telematics allows online real-time monitoring and management of fuel consumption, performance statistics and servicing schedules, plus geofencing of equipment. With the dual protection of two tracking systems, in the very unlikely event that one tracking device is removed by thieves, the equipment can be traced by the second tracking system,” he continued.

Asset+ can reduce insurance premiums significantly and provides the ability for organisations to protect and monitor assets for 20 years. Nationally, the recovery rate of stolen plant equipment is just 10% but this increases to almost 100% with Asset+. Asset+ is used in conjunction with the AMI Nexis web-based software portal which is offers instant online access via computers, smart phones or any other mobile device. At the click of a button, users can quickly locate and distinguish between different types of assets, such as Excavators, Rollers, service vans and cars.

High tech features give organisations full control and visibility of their plant or vehicle fleets. A timeline feature allows users to see a quick snapshot of each asset’s activity over the last 24 hours, allowing rapid identification of any assets being used outside working hours or over the weekend. The hours usage widget enables users to identify the utilisation of plant equipment or other assets. This enables customers to identify under-use or over-use of plant and help ensure accurate charging for plant use.

The web portal can also be used to ensure legal compliance or to assist with Environmental, Health or Safety requirements. For example, speed reports highlight any violations and the severity of the violation and service reminders highlight any pieces of plant or vehicles that are due for a service, MOT or insurance renewal.