Ahead Of The Game

Spurred on by a need to stay ahead of thieves, AMI Group continues to push the asset protection industry forward with a number of innovative products

Since formation in 2004, AMI Group has been at the forefront of asset tracking and security solutions, bringing innovative solutions and advanced technology to the UK market. Specialising in developing systems tuned specifically for clients needs, AMI has a large market in the form of plant and construction industries but also applies its technology to public service, domestic and personnel sectors. Speaking to Construction and Civil Engineering, managing director Gary Stockton emphasises: “AMI has always been an expert in asset tracking and security making every effort to offer the very best technology to meet the needs of a diverse customer base.”

Recent market conditions have made clear to AMI where particular opportunities in its market are. Gary explains: “We have noticed with the economic downturn that theft statistics have increased in certain sectors of the construction and agricultural industry where plant and machinery are easily rebranded and disguised for selling quickly.” This means that potential clients for AMI are becoming more aware of how important its products and services are. He points out that: “As the economy has picked up and building projects are seeing a lot of investment in new plant and machinery, our telemetry and tracking solutions are being employed to not only protect this new round of investment but also to supply important operational data.”

Over the last year AMI Group has launched a number of innovative products that testify to the company’s leading position in the industry. “Technology is always advancing extremely fast within our business because thieves are getting smarter. Therefore all devices need to be as small as possible and last as long as possible, in order to be installed and operated covertly,” discusses Gary. A significant demonstration of this attitude can be seen in the new AMI Nexis Asset Tracker (AT5), a self-contained, battery operated GPS/GSM/ RF tracking device, which, under optimum battery management configuration, can last up to 15 years.

“The AT5 is the very latest asset tracking and after theft recovery solution exclusively available from AMI. The small size (a third of the original), design and the fact that is has no external connections combined with IP67 (waterproof) rating means it can be placed or concealed almost anywhere on any asset required to track. This makes the AT5 ideally suited to most types of covert operation where the utmost discretion is essential.”

Other innovations are the AMI Nexis Fuel Pro and Personal Tracking and Lone Worker solutions. Fuel Pro allows the client to monitor fuel levels and consumption, and can alert in the event of any loss of fuel and likely theft. Advantages of this system also extend to fuel efficiency. Gary explains: “With fuel being the major expense of all companies operating mobile or static fleets, business owners are looking to reduce this phenomenal expense.” The system creates the potential to save 30-40 per cent fuel costs, which translate into a return on investment within two to three months of installation. Soon to be released is an advanced version, which will be available as a standalone battery powered solution.

The personal tracking solutions form a very small unit that can be attached to a watch or belt, or carried in a pocket with a red centre button to immediately call for assistance if the operator is in a difficult situation or in immediate danger. Gary highlights the diverse market of the product. “AMI Nexis Personal is ideal for surveillance, control and monitoring of lone workers, registration and protection of employees, protection and surveillance of elderly people, and as a safety alarm for children and disabled people.”

Exemplifying the company’s reactions to current market conditions is AMI Vehicle Secure, which has just finished testing. “It is an innovative solution that addresses recent issues highlighted in the press whereby thieves are bypassing a vehicle OBD port and reprogramming keys to steal high value cars,” says Gary. “Our solution using RF identification will immobilise the vehicle even if the keys are stolen or reprogrammed.” Supporting all of AMI’s products is its AMI Nexis Platform, a software system developed in-house, which offers complete software solutions for tracking management. The map-centric software can display location, status and recent activity, as well as providing features such as journey playback, point of interest and fully customisable geo-fencing management, and optimal route tools.

Testament to AMI’s understanding of the market and innovative software solutions is its partnership with leading tracker manufacturer Flextrack. “They are the most technologically advanced manufacturer in the market whose products are always over engineered rather than falling short on quality and reliability,” adds Gary. “It is the advanced features of our Nexis software platform and the confidence in AMI’s ability in offering the best technology solutions that motivated Flextrack to appoint AMI as its UK distributor for all current and future releases.”

In terms of the future, AMI look to build upon its current success. “We feel that with recent commitment from our existing customer base and considerable demand from new customers for our solutions stands the company in a healthy position for the future,” Gary concludes. By continuing to stay focused on product development and technology advancement AMI hopes to be able to enter new market sectors, as well as creating channels across to Europe. As a result of the company’s growing profile within the industry, the BBC will soon be running a documentary called Thief Takers, which highlights AMI’s recent successes in recovering clients’ stolen assets.