Advanced Tracking App

Here at AMI Group we have listened intently to the requirements and challenges that modern businesses face today and realise that simply providing tracking devices with a map and reports does not fulfil the objectives that the client company requires or initially set out to achieve. One of the many reasons AMI Group stand out is due to our high performing easy to use app.

The updated and developed app empowers AMI customers with more information and also been made easier to manage and locate assets more efficiently and safely on the go.

After many years of extensive research and customer feedback we here at AMI came to the conclusion that adding features that are accessible wherever you are or whatever time of day will increase security even more. Ami noted that 90% of machines stolen were taken out of hours. The simple app assists with easier, more accessible notification. The latest data from office of national statistics shows that car theft has risen by 56% around 89,000 vehicles were stolen in 2017 & up to 56,000 the previous year, the worst year on record since 2012!!