A Phantom Trip Down Memory Lane

A Phantom Trip Down Memory Lane


Memories, eh? How many do we accumulate in a single lifetime? Pictures taken of us when we are born, pictures with our families, friends and siblings, and pictures of our childhood. This is then closely followed by pictures of us growing up, our first day at school, our graduation, our birthdays, wedding and other sentimental occasions. Then there is those pictures of our loved ones who are not with us anymore, amongst pictures of our own children and the cycle begins again


The reason we hold onto such things is because they're priceless and irreplaceable to us, although they hold no value to anyone else; they hold immense sentiment to us.


For example, if your handbag were stolen today, you would be able to replace the materialistic things; purse, cash, keys, makeup, hair products and so on. You would even be able to cancel all your payment cards, but what about that old photo in the side of your wallet with you and your nan? You will never get that back and no kind of insurance could replace it, right?


So if you could physically stop a thief from running away with your bag, you would instinctively think about what it contains that is irreplaceable; and it is usually something that holds no value whatsoever to the thief.


So how would you protect all these sentimental personal possessions whilst you are mobile? Let's say for instance; in your caravan?


A caravan or mobile home would most likely be holding all of your valuable possessions and belongings, from jewellery to keepsakes; how are you to ensure these are not stolen, or if they are, can be recovered in a timely manner?


Phantom brings you the ProActive3 GPS/GPRS tracking device; Thatcham Quality Assured and competitively priced, it can track your caravan or mobile home to within 3 metres accuracy of its location. This clever tracking system is in the form of a small box that is discreetly fitted into your vehicle. The unit would then alert our call centre should a theft be attempted on your caravan. So for more information on the Phantom ProActive 3 tracking system, click here or contact us.


Do not let anyone else take a trip down your personal memory lane. Call Phantom today.