A 54% Increase in Theft over 2 years!

It is no secret that the theft of tools and plant machinery is on the rise, with thieves becoming more brazen in their attempts. Tool theft has risen over 54% in 2 years with 1 in 3 trades people being affected. Looking at the bigger picture theft of tools and other machinery isn’t just the loss of assets, it is also a much larger loss of money and time due to loss of work and revenue. The sheer lack of prosecution and quick money making often leads to the encouragement of many thefts.

Many companies across the UK have been a victim to thefts with some experiencing theft at least once a week. AMI Group have been working tirelessly together with our customers to develop a solution range that best suits the needs of each of our customers. Ensuring we cover all bases from full asset management to after theft recovery. By utilising the very best award-winning technologies AMI Group ensure that you never loose signal and there is always a back-up technology in place. This aids in the safe recovery of stolen assets. 

Many companies have shied away from battery technology in the past due to the hassle of recharging and previously experienced ill battery life. This is not the case anymore with our AT5 unit; boasting a battery capacity of over 6,000 GPS positions in its life time the user can utilise the unit for over 8 years (on 2 updates a day) with no re-charging or worry. The UK’s average recovery rate of stolen assets sits at an alarming 9% overall. That’s only 9 out of 100 stolen machines being reunited with their owners following a theft; causing further loss of income and often an increase in insurance premiums. AMI Group boast an industry leading recovery rate of 92% saving the user money and an ever-increasing insurance premium.

AMI Group have seen an influx of tool thefts over past months with an example included below. Thanks to the versatile nature of the AT5 the unit can protect all assets including non-powered tools. Hidden away or even concealed inside tools the AT5 goes un-noticed by thieves and enables the quick recovery of stolen assets. 

Recovery of tools haul:

Following a call from one of our customers AMI Group were sent on the hunt for a stolen haul of tools totalling over £5,000 in value. The customer had protected their assets with our AT5 battery operated technology previous to the theft. Once the theft was reported the AT5 was put into alarm state and the find was initiated. Following a positive RF fix our finder team along with the police were led to the bedroom of a pensioner in Rochdale, Lancashire.

Once inside the house the tools were located within minutes with the suspect promising he “didn’t know the tools were stolen” and he was looking after them for his son. Thanks to the technology and small size of the AT5 unit the thieves did not discover the tools were protected and they were returned to their owner within hours of the theft being reported.