7 Ways to Protect Your Bike from Thieves in 2022


According to a recent report, criminal groups across the UK steal £3 million worth of motorbikes from the streets every month. Quite a significant problem for bike owners. Thankfully, there are several security measures designed to protect against bike theft. In this article, we highlight and assess some of the best-regarded methods. 

Social Media

The first way we suggest avoiding theft is remaining vigilant online with how much you share about your bike collection. Wiltshire Police advise - "Always be cautious, especially if you are trying to arrange to sell a bike, to make sure you aren’t inadvertently highlighting your valuable bike to potential criminals who might then try to steal it.”  


Bike thieves typically target specific makes and models of motorcycles. For example, the 'hottest' bike in the UK is the Honda CBR 600, which retails for £5,000. In fact, over 85% of motorbike thefts are Hondas, Yamahas, Kawasaki's, and Suzuki's. So, if you own one of these makes, using a motorbike cover can deter thieves. Notably, we recommend pairing these with other security measures too. 


The most common way to protect your motorcycle is to use a heavy-duty chain either through the back wheel or attached to a wall anchor. Unfortunately, many motorcycle thefts are carried out by well-organized gangs, and even some of the thickest chains don't hold up against bolt cutters or angle grinders. While this should not discourage people from using chains, as they are still a great deterrent, it is important to be aware of this potential issue.

Disc locks

Similarly, disc locks make it more difficult for would-be thieves to move your bike, but some criminals specialise in removing them. Look out for disc locks made from Zinc. Because Zinc is a relatively weak alloy, these are especially easy to break with a simple hammer.


Alarms are another effective way to deter thieves, with some bike alarms sounding as loud as 120 dB. The goal is to attract attention and shock potential thieves. There is no guarantee an alarm will deter every criminal but drawing attention to the crime scene will make some thieves rethink! 


The safest place for your motorbike is in a secured shed/garage. For optimal protection, add the above methods to the exterior of your shed or garage. The longer it takes and the louder it is to gain access to a vehicle, the more protected you are. 


Even with these products, motorbike theft frustratingly continues to increase. Criminals often sell the vehicle for parts, although reports indicate joyriding is the main reason for thefts. Luckily, there are tracking companies boasting recovery rates 90% and above. If you are thinking of purchasing a tracker, look for products approved by third-party security certifications like Thatcham. This way, the technology, and durability is guaranteed, and you can even occasionally save on your insurance. 


Motorbikes are a fun, convenient, and cost-effective form of transportation. Although, with an increase in motorbike thefts across the country, it's important to make sure your beloved motorcycle is guarded from thieves and gangs. From insurance to installing a tracker, use this guide to ensure you have the best chance of protecting your motorbike.