5 Reasons your Business Fleet Needs Tracking Systems

The seemingly endless trend of technological advancements around the world has completely changed the way in which we do pretty much everything. The transportation, agriculture and entertainment industries (to name but a few) have all evolved to accommodate our increasingly digitised lifestyles this statement is equally true for a wide spectrum of business looking compete in this highly dynamic market. Phantom, (one of the UKs leading suppliers of tracking systems for caravans, vans and fleets) are very much at the fore front of this technological crusade; providing a specialist service of unmatched quality and affordability. In this article we will present to you 5 reasons why your business fleet needs tracking systems. The motor industry has its highs and lows, ensuring that your business is well equipped to weather those storms is imperative. This list will highlight exactly why these systems are vital in the motor industry. 
5. Fuel Saver 
Similar to GPSs, vehicle tracking systems will instantly calculate the quickest and most economical route for your vehicles to take. In addition to this, advanced tracking kits will give you much more detailed overview of your vehicles. Performed in real-time the tracking system revels just how much fuel is being consumed therefore allowing for a more concise forecast on fuel costs and allowances. Tracking systems really are great fuel savers with their indicative properties. With the funds saved, employers can therefore re-invest the money into different areas of the company. 
4. Lowers the Chances of Accidents 
 A number of studies have shown that when people know they are being watched or are perceived as being watched, they become far more aware and therefore more cautious. Tracking units provide a level of surveillance which isnt overly obtrusive or off-putting for drivers. In actual fact a tracking unit acts as a great safety tool so in case the worse should happen; employers are notified immediately and can act accordingly. 
3. Improves Driver Efficiency 
 By installing tracking systems into your fleets vehicles, you and your drivers will see the benefits. No longer will your drivers get lost on route to their destinations or be caught out by unforeseen road works. These units will also ensure employee performance is maintained at a level that you deem suitable. By being able to monitor your drivers to this degree, will allow you to improve processes and ultimately services. It also means you're able to weed out employees who are disregarding or abusing company practices.  
2. Increased Customer Service
Being able to provide an impeccable service to your customers is vital for improving your businesses customer base and future prospects. Tracking systems allow your team to generate detailed information about a specified area or location, which is transmitted right back to base for you to see. 
1. Reduce your Carbon Footprint 
With the escalating fears over climate change becoming all too real, finding new and innovative ways to reduce our emissions is a top priority. Our tracking units deliver this service to and then some. Reducing the carbon use of your vehicle fleet is a great way of showing consumers how much your company cares about the environment. And there you have it Phantoms 5 reasons your business fleet needs tracking systems. To find out more about our products or service please browse our site or contact us via the options available.