20 Year Anniversary Coincides With Launch of Ultra Small Tracking Device

Gary Stockton, Founder and Managing Director of asset tracking company AMI Group is celebrating 20 years in the electronics tracking and telematics industry by announcing the impending launch of an ultra-small tracking unit which is roughly five times smaller than the original tracking device that Gary brought to the UK market back in 2004.
After working as Sales and Marketing Director for a tracking manufacturing company, Gary formed AMI Group to provide telemetry and tracking systems, primarily for the construction and plant sectors. Gary introduced the original MTrack system which was revolutionary at the time and utilised GSM (Global System for Mobile Frequency) and RF (Radio Frequency) technology to locate stolen plant equipment. In 2008 Gary went on to link up with Dutch-based Flextrack, a world leader in telematics, to become the only UK distributor of Flextrack products and technology.
Gary said: “The tracking industry and associated technology has evolved at a rapid rate over the years. The MTrack unit was the primary tracking unit in the UK when it was first introduced and several of our former resellers have gone on to build their own tracking units and form their own companies.
“Innovation keeps us at the forefront of the market and we are particularly excited about the forthcoming launch of a new AMI unit which will utilise GPS, GSM and RF technology. Unlike its predecessors, it just comprises a small board which is completely hidden within construction machinery so it is disguised as part of the machine. In effect there is no device to trace and no actual unit to find, making it even more difficult for thieves to realise that equipment is tracked. When it is launched to the market, it will be the smallest device in the industry but with double the power. We believe that these type of micro-units will reflect the future of the equipment tracking industry,” he continued.
AMI Group offers a range of tracking devices which utilise advanced GPS, GSM, RF and battery operated technology and the company’s Nexis real-time web-based platform allows customers complete control and visibility of their construction plant or vehicle fleets.