£150,000 Jaguar Project 7 Successfully Recovered thanks to Asset+ System

Our Client called the AMI out of hours number to notify that a Jaguar Project 7 valued at £150,000 had been stolen along with a car trailer from a locked compound in Heywood. The vehicle is protected with our Asset+ system that gives the customer full asset management and after theft recovery in one system.

AMI’s operations department notified our client that the AT5 installed onto the Jaguar was not scheduled to report its position until 11.10am on the 3rd March. Therefore the unit was placed into its alarm state which initiates more frequent reports and a connectivity alert was set up to notify our client of the unit’s connection and pinpoint position to the server. The customer was notified that the unit had moved from Heywood on the 28th February and updated of the positions provided by the Asset+ system.

The system had reported its positions showing in Manchester, Bury then in Frodsham area between the morning of the 28th February and the 1st March. The wired-in asset management system had last reported its position in Manchester City Centre leaving the AT5 unit to report in the location of the asset.

The latest GPS position gained from the AT5 unit was given to the police and they were dispatched to Norley Lane, Norley. The police began their searches on a farm, subsequently locating the vehicle within it’s’ trailer in a rural setting by communicating with AMI to home in on the device using its latest incoming GPS locations.
Later the vehicle was inspected and it was discovered that the thieves had fitted a signal scrambler onto the underside of the vehicle and ripped out the vehicles alarm circuit boards and various wiring. The AT5 was covertly installed within the vehicle and was not discovered by the thieves.

AMI Group have since been in contact with the police to assist with their on-going investigations.