£106,000 Range Rover Recovered Thanks to AT5 Solution

Our Client called the AMI Office to notify that a Range Rover valued at £106,000 had been stolen from a housebreak in. Our operations department notified our client that the AT5 installed onto the Range Rover was next scheduled to report its position at 1am on the 13th February. The unit was placed into its alarm state and thus report more frequently. A connectivity alert was set up to notify our client of the unit’s connection and pinpoint position to the server.

01:05am the unit provided an accurate GPS position.

The vehicle was subsequently located at a residential address in Allerton, Bradford. The vehicle was recovered with the assistance of the police.

Later the vehicle was inspected and it was discovered that that the on-board Range Rover tracking solution had been discovered and ripped out whilst subsequently severely damaging the inside of the car. The AT5 was covertly installed within the vehicle and was not discovered by the thieves.