Construction plant theft continues to be a problem in 2022!

Construction sites continue to be targeted by criminals who recognise the financial value of plant machinery and equipment.

Large items such as excavators and rollers can be worth thousands of pounds, even if they aren’t brand new. However, smaller items like tools and generators are also an easy target for thief’s, they are often not easily identifiable and can be sold on resale websites and locally for a good price. In 2021 nearly £17.5m worth of tools were stolen in London alone!

AMI Group has seen an increase in customers opting to secure smaller items of machinery such as generators by using a self-contained battery-operated device with no external wires. Many customers are also opting to utilise battery solutions alongside manufacturers telematics systems as a secondary device as the manufactures solutions can often be bypassed in the event of a theft.

Construction related theft is often premeditated, especially where larger items of machinery and equipment are concerned. Some criminals even make a career from the theft and resale of construction plant. Demand for equipment is currently at a high within the industry, with construction and earthmoving machinery sales rising by 75% in 2021 compared to the previous year.

The current trend of construction machinery and equipment theft shows no sign of abating. In fact, there are concerns that the situation could even intensify at a time when construction companies are already facing significant increases in the cost of building materials. Criminals continue to exploit both these high prices and long lead times for their own gain. Being familiar with their tactics and using a combination of security measures is the best way to deter thieves looking to profit from plant.

With theft rising in the industry it is urged that companies protect their assets with proven solutions, as many know theft isn’t just the loss of a machine but also the loss of work and many other contributing factors leaving companies out of pocket beyond a stolen machine.