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Anti-Theft Key Signal Blocking Pouch

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With the recent rise in vehicle theft through the use of signal hacking technology - easily available on the open market to any potential thieves. Its become essential to have something that can help protect your keys and vehicle from this new kind of theft.

The Anti-Theft Key Signal Blocking Pouch is ideal for this - simply secure your keys inside the pouch and they will be protected from any potential signal theft tech that a thief may use to try and steal your vehicle.

(One Provided for £9.99)

Size is 14cm x 6cm

*When placing keys in the pouch ensure they are inside the silver lining to ensure effectiveness 

Anti-Theft Key Signal Blocking Pouch Blocks a Wide Range Signals: 
Simply place your keyless car fob, contactless cards, passport, etc. inside the pouch to instantly block all signals (RFID, SMS, WIFI, 4G, Bluetooth, and NFC) from leaving the bag and most importantly preventing any signals from getting inside the pouch.

Help to Encourage Safe Driving: 
With your phone in this high-quality signal blocking case, it will stop all calls and texts until you remove it from the pouch after safely reaching your destination. This ensures there are no texts, push notifications or distractions that could distract you while out on the road, keeping the roads safer. 

Lots of Signal Blocking Uses:
Perfect for keyless entry car key fobs, but also highly effective for protecting the data in your contactless debit/credit cards and new-style passport. 

Working Principle:
The radiation-proof mobile phone leather lining adopts the second generation nano-metal coating anti-electromagnetic radiation material. A separate radiation-proof inner bag is built into the mobile phone case. It is easy to shield more than 99% of mobile phone signals when the mobile phone is installed in the inner bag and close the inner bag and completely avoid radiation damage.

Check out this video showing how it works: