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What is a Thatcham Category S5 Tracking System?

  • Thatcham Category S5 has replaced the former Thatcham Category 5 classification.
  • Category S5 (previously Category 5) tracking systems give you the most security features, the best vehicle security and complete peace of mind.
  • If your vehicle is over a specific value, your insurance company will require you to have a Category S5 tracking system fitted.
  • Automatic Driver Recognition, also known as driver tags, is a necessary feature for the Category S5 classification.

What Does Automatic Driver Recognition Do?

  • The Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) feature on your tracking system will identify any authorised drivers of your vehicle, so you can be confident your vehicle is only being driven by those you’ve approved with a driver identification tag.
  • Should your vehicle be driven by someone without a driver tag, you’ll be notified immediately.
  • ADR is a premium feature on our S5 vehicle tracking systems and will give you essential control over your vehicle.

What is a Thatcham Category S7 Tracking System?

  • Thatcham Category S7 has replaced the former Thatcham Category 7 and Category 6 classifications.
  • A Category S7 tracking system has many intelligent security features that will help to keep your vehicle safe and allow you to track and locate your vehicle.
  • From managing and monitoring your business fleet to rapid caravan recovery in the event of a theft, our Thatcham S7 Category products will give you the protection you need.