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  • Boat Tracking

    Boat theft in the UK is much more common than you would originally think. The majority (73%) of boats are stolen while they're on their trailers. In many cases, they're taken from the owner's yard, often at night. This means that all a thief needs are a vehicle and a tow, then your beloved boat is gone.
  • Sentinel Alarm and Tracking Combo

    Our sentinel alarm and tracking system combo is designed to provide you with the highest levels of security as possible for your vehicle. The alarm is  Thatcham Category 1 accredited and the tracking system has multiple configuration options with either Thatcham Category S5 or S7 accreditation.
  • Our Most Popular Products

    Here at Phantom, we offer a range of products from tracking systems, alarms for cars and motorhomes, sat navs and speed detection devices. 

    • Bike Tracking

      Our Bike Track is a waterproof vehicle tracking system that is hidden on your bike. If your bike were to be stolen, it can be tracked via the ‘My Phantom’ app. The location of your bike will be updated each time the ignition is turned on or every 6 hours if your bike is stationary.
    • Immobilisation

      Here at Phantom, we have a system which can take the safety of your vehicle to the next level. We have an advanced immobiliser which can deter criminals and prevent keyless car theft. This system requires you to input a PIN code in order for your vehicle to start. Fitted discreetly into your vehicle by our approved installers, our state-of-the-art immobilisers will be adaptable and give you the confidence in knowing your vehicle is always safe.
    • Phantom’s Fleet Tracking

      Our Phantom fleet tracking management system uses state of the art, globally approved, specified GPS, and GSM to pinpoint your assets in almost real-time, with an accuracy of a couple of meters. It is perfect to find your employee’s current location via the App or the Web Portal.
    • Stolen Vehicle Tracking

      We can all agree securing our vehicles from any damage or theft is of upmost importance. Our Stolen Vehicle Tracking System here at Phantom can do this. It enables you to track your vehicle to an accurate location within 8 feet. 
    • Our Tracking Systems

      At Phantom we offer a range of different tracking systems from Sentinel Motorhome alarm and tracking, Caravan Sentinel, iTrack, Pro3 Caravan tracking, Fleet Tracking and Bike tracking.
    • Caravan Tracking

      The Pro 3 Tracking system has been designed and specialised to provide the highest level in caravan security. It’s features include motion detection, specially designed app and portal, location, and helpful alerts.
    • Fleet Tracking Systems

      Our fleet tracking system uses state of the art and globally approved GPS and GSM to identify the location of your assets/asset within a couple of meters.
    • Tracking Systems

      We provide secure and reliable tracking systems for caravans, cars, and motor homes. We aim to provide high-quality tracking systems at affordable prices, tailored specifically to the needs of each of our customers.
    • Phantom's Stolen Vehicle Tracking

      Phantom was created in 2002 to provide a secure and reliable tracking systems for caravans, motor homes and car owners. 
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